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Product Features

You can view your payment history, add and remove credit cards, change subscriptions, add coupons, view your sending detail from MailMigo's account central.

(Screenshot source: MailMigo - Stripe powered account central)

Reach subscribers anywhere

MailMigo is powered by a robust and redundant cloud architecture that expedites your mailings to recipient inboxes. We comply with all established sender authentication protocols to make sure your content is not mistaken for spam. Our systems are constantly monitored by experts with many years of email delivery experience. Friendly support agents are available if you need help, or use our extensive Help Center. Enjoy greater piece of mind by upgrading to MailMigo.

Secure infrastructure

MailMigo keeps subscribers data secure and does not share your subscriber data with anyone. The platform is hosted securely in the cloud and your usage is protected by bank-grade SSL data encryption.

Easy to manage campaigns

(Screenshot source: Campaign Creation)

MailMigo was designed to make campaign setup a snap- even for non-technical users. Easily create new or re-use existing campaigns with the flexibility to select a built-in template or create your own quickly using the user-friendly Template Builder.

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